• No Chorus, Love & the Cookies Front
  • No Chorus, Love & the Cookies Disc
  • No Chorus, Love & the Cookies Back


Track 1 - Time Immemorial 4:03

Violin - Ting Lee
Cello - Martin Penicka
Double Bass - Isaac Gee
Banjo / Guitar / Vocals - David Herman

the club the fire
the warmth the kill
if I was anything but a molecule spiralling
spinning & changing
in the path of nature's way

flesh of the sunburned
taste of the almighty
leper of the colony
that couldn't survive
off the diseased and mutated

lest we decide how to live
lest we confront how to die
the power of coming
as close to nothing
before believing that belief will save us

In the ages before words
had a man looked at himself
as not worthy for life
and in despair
take it into their hands to end it

contemplation of suicide
a gift to man to use or not
when we decide to live
fully and nobly
then who cares if death comes to end it

Track 2 - Flock 2:38

Mandolin - Harry Edwards
Double Bass - Isaac Gee
Banjo / Guitar - David Herman

Track 3 - Sunny Marmalade 3:38

Vocals - Freya Gorny
Banjo / Vocals - David Herman

you will not be a singer in a foreign land
you will not be a lover if you can not stand
we will sing and love and pray and dance tonight

for there's no other time or space for the concepts        
listed in our minds and thrown about like wives
wives that can sing and love and pray and dance every night

to begin to begin with your fathers name
to extend to extend to another plane
of a real place where nothing is real but pain

will you fight use your fists but don't throw it away
just dance in a circle around your pray
living in a shed where your dreams can finally seem real

oh we can sing we can sing we can finally pray
we can dance we can dance we can finally make love
even when the sun seems to run from our gaze

Track 4 - Belligerent 2:34

Vocals - Freya Gorny
Banjo / Guitar - David Herman

get me out, Im sitting in the garbage bin
you won’t find me laying in the field naked
I’m scared of me
I can’t hold on to you

be it as it may i will never forget
until that tragic day it all ends every which way
even plain eyes can see
its a beautiful day today

didn’t you know i can feel some things
but it isn’t the same as what you think
Its intangible, hell indescribable 
but most of all its incredible

I saw you in the playground pressing lips
In the open you can’t get her kicks
lets dictate that its natural
therefore certifiably excusable

intentions are misled when feelings are high
sleeping on the same side every night
lets get tangled and lost
one body is enough

realising life’s crusade
treasure and death, oh a legend for naught
all for lust
and desire

slingin the ol’ rope round your neck
believe in you now lay to rest
please be brave, now your dead

Track 5 - Dirty Hands 4:16

Vocals - Freya Gorny
Banjo / Vocals - David Herman

hey… hey...
there you are, it takes 2 to tango
need the 3rd to watch, and then the 4th to judge
we party at 5, only then are we alive

well he's going steady, and she's going steady
it’s a giant rave party
where we're all getting ready to go steady

can you read my thoughts, feel my insides
pull them out, with that rubber glove you own
dirty your hands, don’t dirty your hands
it’s a monkeys job, guess work at best

well it's not right, and it's not fair
but if you wanna be a killer
then you gotta be ready to live

stuttered speech through perfect lips
cloudy thoughts From an AI mind
jesus talks and a teacher dies
the martyrs heir is but a stranger

walk that way, charm the crowd
but if you wanna be together
then you're gonna have to try to change

with the lights on can you see the coming
with the brights not on you won't see them coming

far is the point, long ago did it start
farther it runs, and harder it tries
bring me its tears, and sing me the verse
deeper it will go, but only at its first

everyone is nothing
saving us from being something
everyone is nothing
everything is nothing
meaning all are the same
everything is nothing
in this here world

Track 6 - Vladimir's Recurrence 12:21

Violin - Ava Campbell
Cello - Martin Penicka
Double Bass - Isaac Gee
Choir - Princes Street Choir
Banjo / Vocals - David

There's marks on my chin
A discoulorment around an eye
Id'e imagine
Not a one could ever ever tell
But deep down I knew they would

Sitting on a step
Just outside the place of my torment
I'm safe here
It’s a place he'll never ever go

That’s when I saw him
Walking by with alcohol and bread
To deliver
To the very man I most resent

I scream to myself
That he's just a child
And not like
Back then the one that I was myself
There's a danger in his eyes

But how can I judge
What good decisions have I made
I'm like liquid
How can I amass to anything

Just listen here child
Cant you hear I'm sorry for myself
Why must you help
I really should say its not that bad
Oh I wish this was the truth

You’ve come to know me
I've come to trust you
There is this thing
Needing to do

You see what he's done
I can see
You feel what I feel
I can feel
Don’t hesitate
For what
A necessity
For what

Drain his life away
Empty all his veins
I want to see
His limp body

Lets call this an act
How can I
Pretend it’s a game
It is death
I know you don’t
It is death
Like what he's caused
Another way

Now I am distraught
It is all my fault
I'll take my life
If you can't take his

I started to cry
That’s when I caved
Tears to carry all
I cant withstand
His doubts away
Her anguish and pain
Now he'll obey
I love her

Now when I look at her
All I see is him
Still hitting her
With that bloody wound I gave him

At least she is safe
At least my love won't cry
At least my conscious grows hazy
At least my drink tastes strong

A fire burns inside
A fire grows inside
A fire consumes my soul
And I blame her
And I hit her

Track 7 - Too Loud to Be a Curious Affair 3:52

Vocals High - Maggie Edwards
Vocals Mid - Ava Campbell
Vocals Low - Victoria Meyer
Banjo / Vocals - David Herman

By myself I will find
A kind of fame that will last
Birds without two legs
Will not fly but die
Born without moral
Make it up as I go

An ancient art of exchange
Not unlike your work now
Selling your crafts and wares
Judge not unless ye be judged
Useless sayings to hurt

Sounds like words from your lips
Predicated on unknown notions
Makes you seem wary
Tired from your remarks and lies
How do feathers grow
From your toughened hide

Cryin, lyin, buyin and dyin
What are we made for
Blinding faithful service
Whats worth looking for
Believe me melancholy
Helps in the pursuit

Babbelin over and over again
Eliminate a connection
No need for worry
Im beside you now
Does that even make sense
Or just a correction

Blaming me forgiving you
Its taken me far to long
Levitate, disobey, lawless sum
You never know with time
It always comes back
to the same god dam thing
You know what that is

Track 8 - It's Funny How We Care 5:24

Banjo / Vocals - David Herman

Brightly born
Nurtured hope
All past death
Let it go
Let it all go

Lyin to kids of four
More at a time
Every year
Every month
Moment by moment

Brides and groom
Lay at your feet
Movin round
With pleasures not concrete
Can we go again?

Life on this
Planet can be
Changed by us
Saved by us
Gone by us

Drawn out rain
If we're lucky
So dependant
On what
We are made of

Planets revolve
It's funny how we care
Some say a lot
Some just look
Listen and dwell

Plastic chair
All the same
All the same

So far in line
From the front
Staring at
A back of a head
What is she like?

Age is not
A burden
Broken bones
So tired
Can I sit here?
Nice to meet you

Track 9 - Taro 4:03

Flute / Guitar / Vocals - Freya Gorny
Vocals - David Herman

Threading through blazing snow
Oh how come you are alone
In a flow of truth's untold
Why will the sun not melt the veins
Of this frozen, scorched, blind blind world

Memories will soon revive
From the depths of a shallow mind
The call of life demystified
Why is the breath not free of greed
Tainted, bleeding, darkness of human kind

Madness will come
Sounds dissipate
Senseless, wild, and stripped of all shame
Surrender your freedom
Sail to the shore
Naked and scarred, fishing for hope

Why do we walk in fear
The soil shall take what's hers to claim
Webs of dreams becoming real
Why will death not come to seal
The pain, coming for all that we feel

Track 10 -  A Not so Serious Affair After All 6:28

Guitar / Vocals - David Herman